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Re: OT: Going without Norton

Maben wrote:
 Try Avast.
I'm trying Kaspersky right now. Do you have any knowledge of the
comparative merits of Kaspersky and Avast?

 M.W. Poirier

On Fri, 28 Dec 2007, Harry Binswanger wrote:
In a burst of bravado, I removed the bundled Norton from my new computer.
I know Robert has indicated that anti-virus software like Norton is unnecessary (at least for him). I would like to know if any XyWriters have been going without anti-virus software (even without ZoneAlarm) under XP.
Gibson Research (grc.com) showed all my ports are "stealthed" except port
113, which is "closed" and that is apparently no problem. But my system
failed Gibson's "LeakTest." Is there something I can set in XP to give
stronger firewall protection? I connect to the 'net through a router that
has a built-in firewall.
I'm not totally averse to getting ZoneAlarm, though in the past it has
created problems (or at least annoyances). Or perhaps there is some not
bloated virus protection software someone could recommend (Panda has
gotten bloated).

Your opinions and reports of your experiences welcomed.


Harry Binswanger

Harry Binswanger