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RE: Guest Additions!

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>> What, you have only one monitor? Carl, get with the program!
>> You absolutely need two; I have 3.

>Why on earth would I need more than one monitor? I only have one
set of eyes. As I said
>the other day, I avoid having multiple *windows* open on my
Desktop. Multiple screens
>sounds like a migraine-inducing nightmare! But, alright, go ahead
and tell me: Why do I
>absolutely need two monitors?

For the same reason that you need a desktop that can hold more
than one piece of paper.

More concretely: you're trying to install a piece of software or
fix it. You go on the web to find the answer, which is a series of
steps to take. You need the software open and the web-page open so
that you can read what to do, then do it, without the instructions

Do you do any HTML coding? If so, you need one monitor for showing
the HTML source and another to show the results in your browser.

It goes on endlessly like that. E.g., you're looking for a house
to buy (as I am). One monitor has your Excel spreadsheet with all
the facts about all the houses you've browsed to (over 40 in my
case, so I need to keep track), one monitor has the Zillow listing
with the description and the pictures, one monitor has the Google
map showing the location--and, most crucially how far it is from
the nearest Starbucks.

Say you're writing a book. One monitor has your manuscript (in
XyWrite or NotaBene), but you need to look up something on the
web, copy the URL and/or some content. You have your web browser
open on the other monitor.

Even when an Excel spreadsheet has too many columns: spread it
across both (or all 3) monitors.

I cite the case of my pal, Mike. Swore he'd never use two
monitors, just the external monitor for his laptop. He kept the
laptop cover closed! I pleaded with him and threatened him, but he
swore he would never use two. Well, something came up and now he's
living with three wives in Utah. No, wait, that was somebody else.
Something came up and now he's using two monitors and is happy as
a clam (wish I could say the same for the guy with three wives).
You want to be that clam, don't you?