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Re: Guest Additions!

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Sat, 2 Aug
2014 17:45:48 -0400


> What, you have only one monitor? Carl, get with the program!
> You absolutely need two; I have 3.

Why on earth would I need more than one monitor? I only have one set
of eyes. As I said the other day, I avoid having multiple *windows*
open on my Desktop. Multiple screens sounds like a migraine-inducing
nightmare! But, alright, go ahead and tell me: Why do I absolutely
need two monitors?

On the subject of Guest Additions, I was thinking that having
Dropbox installed in the guest OS is now unnecessary since I have
access to my Dropbox on the host. But I'm finding that sometimes
there's slight cursor lag in XyWrite when I launch it from the host,
versus virtually none when I launch it from the guest. Not always,
but sometimes. (For instance, now I'm writing in Xy on the host
Dropbox, and it's fine.) Assuming that cursor lag is not an issue, I
assume there's no reason anymore to duplicate Dropbox in the VM.

Carl Distefano