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At 08:47 PM 12/3/97 -0500, David Rosenthal wrote:

>I'm using XyWrite 3.54 and have just put it into its
>DOS box under Win95. I've got most of the wrinkles ironed
>out except for printing: whenever I issue the TY command
>the prompt line says
>	Drive not ready
>I've tried adjusting the dr= instruction in my prn file and
>making sure all relevant drives are in the path--none of
>that helps. Any ideas would be *greatly* appreciated!

This is from the long.hlp file:

    Drive not ready
This is DOS Error #2 returned through Int #24
The drive is not ready.
The latch may be open, the cable may be loose, the drive may be faulty.

Probably you've already checked whether you can read from all your
drives while in Xy3.
If so, applying Mill's Methods, I would try using both the TYS and the
TYF commands. Also, find out whether other DOS programs runder under
Win95 can print okay. If you don't have any other printing DOS
programs, try running Xy3, issuing DOS /C at the command line (which
should take you to the C: prompt) and then use the DOS PRINT command
on a simple ASCII file (e.g., Autoexec.bat).

Hope this helps. Am looking forward to your talk at the Conference on
Methods in Philosophy and the Sciences.


Harry Binswanger