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Re: PDF printing from the command-line again

Earlier today I said to Harry:

> With 'LPT1 = "PDFtoPrinter.exe" #LPT1.PDF' in CONFIG.TXT, the only
> XyWrite command you should have to use is TY.

Actually, the TY command does NOT work for me with that line in
CONFIG.TXT. (I'm running Xy4 under the latest build of vDosPlus,
2016.10.01 branch.) What I tested earlier, with complete success, was
PDFtoPrinter[Select].exe from the CMD.EXE command prompt.

With LPT1 rem'd out in CONFIG.TXT, the TY command prints to a PDF, as
expected. With LPT1 = "PDFtoPrinter.exe" #LPT1.PDF, TY causes XyWrite
to hang. I think the problem is that #LPT1.PDF is not being created.
Unfortunately, the "file does not exist" message box that
PDFtoPrinter.exe displays in those circumstances when it's launched
from the Windows command prompt does not display in response to the TY
command issued in XyWrite.

Not a big problem for me, because when I print from XyWrite it's
usually to a PDF, full stop. But it would be nice to sort out what's
needed for a TY command to send the current document directly to the
default Windows printer via PDFtoPrinter.exe.

Carl Distefano