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Re: Vista and TAME...?

Harry Binswanger  wrote:

> >well, duh! Ask the guy who writes it.
> I will try, but he's not that communicative.

That's my cue, I guess. Some of you may remember that I experimented
with Tame a while back and had a problem that kept me from buying into
what seemed like a useful utility to spiffy up the appearance of
DOS-based sessions, although its main purpose (curing slowdowns and
jerky cursor movement) was not necessary on my system. I e-mailed David
Thomas with a description and indicated that I would register the
program if the problem could be solved. This e-mail and two follow-ups
remained without any answer. That and the fact that the web site seems
not to have been updated for a _long_ time finally prompted me to just
shelf the whole thing (at least for the time being).

Wolfgang Bechstein