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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

Carl Distefano wrote:

Oy vay! Surely you jest. No?

NO. The file is currently 5,011,832 bytes. (And I don't use this account for much besides the list; too many of my friends and other colleagues use Outtaluck, with the result that my address gets harvested by bots. So I give them the junk-mail Juno one.)

But if you move a message from the
Inbox into a separate folder, is the source moved into a separate
file?  One file for each folder?  If so, you could filter incoming
messages containing XPLeNCODE ("b-gin [UNTITLED]") into a dedicated

OK, I managed to figure out how to do that (most of Tbird's "help" is offline, on the Mozilla site; if you don't have an always-on connection, tough luck) and have set up such a filter. We'll see how it works.

Patricia M. Godfrey