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Re: Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

"Yo Intl." wrote:

> I know it is un-PC to say this around here, but I quite *like* the Windows
> version. In combination with XY-DOS it works great for me.

Have you had better luck with the NB version recently? I seem to remember your
reporting some problems. Anyway, I find myself combining good old DOS with it.

> After a while, you learn to avoid its limitations

Among them (and this is the benefit for our Antipodian friend who asked the
original question) are its inability to override windows conventions with the alt
key; its failure to exit when one clicks on the X, its hideous type fonts in draft
and expanded.

> and to enjoy its advantages.

Which are few and far between compared to NB.

> What is hideous about it is, of course, the install rigamarole you have to
> go through to get it onto a Windows 9x system.

There is that.

Hmm and hmm . . . January 20, my man! Only 366 (this being a leap year) until . .
... . ;-)

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