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RE: Interested in possibly buying XyWrite: a few questions.

The "install rigmarole", for those new to the list, is TTG's recommendation
that any CD-ROM drive be disabled prior to installing XyWin, because their
installation program has conflicts with CD-ROM drivers. However, my
experience has been that the major problem is that the install program does
a search on all drives (for what I don't know), and if it tries to search an
empty CD-ROM it hangs up. So, leaving _any_ CD-ROM in the drive allows the
install program to search it and then move on. Sometimes there is one abort
in the installation process, but the retry seems to work without problems.
The difficulties, in short, are not insuperable.


Paul Ambos

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> Leslie Bialler:
> >The Windows version is hideous. Forget about it. Buy Version 4.018 for
> >Dos. If you
> >were fond of graphical interfaces I would have recommended Nota Bene, but
> >you say
> >you aren't a Windows fan, so let's not go there.
> I know it is un-PC to say this around here, but I quite *like* the Windows
> version. In combination with XY-DOS it works great for me.
> After a while, you learn to avoid its limitations and to enjoy its
> advantages.
> What is hideous about it is, of course, the install rigamarole you have to
> go through to get it onto a Windows 9x system.
> -- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo