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Re: U2 FREE frame

Reply to note from "Wengier W"  (Redacted
sender "wengierwu" for DMARC) Tue, 30 Aug 2016 00:37:49 +0000 (UTC)


> Maybe it is also useful to have a U2 frame that reports the total disk
> space, say. TOTAL? The total disk size can be easily obtained in vDos-lfn
> by using the @DISKTOTAL variable function.

OK, I've added this. The two routines are together in one frame, with the
alternate names FREE,TOTAL. (Attached here as TOTAL.FRM.) If 4DOS isn't
running, the routines now use AutoIt functions DriveSpaceFree() and
DriveSpaceTotal() to obtain the information. Also, if 4DOS returns "0" disk
space, the routines try again using the AutoIt functions, as a double-
check. I did this because the @DISKTOTAL function sometimes returns a false
"0" on my system. This only happens when I shell to 4DOS from XyWrite, not
when I run 4DOS in a separate vDos-lfn session.

FYI, I recently added a frame called 4DOSEVAL, which returns the value of
any 4DOS environment variable, internal variable, or variable function. In
tonight's update to U2, I've added an alternate framename, 4D, to make it
easier to use on the command line. Try, for example:

4D comspec
4D _version
4D @diskfree[c:,m]
4D @sfn[d:\path\vDos-lfn-version.dat]

You get the idea. (Do not prepend "%" to variable names.)

I've updated the U2 archives:

For new users (or users running U2 v122 or earlier):

For users running U2 v123 or v124:

Unzip all files into the directory with EDITOR.EXE. Overwrite existing

Carl Distefano

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