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Re: Hang This (Wikipedia entry on XyWrite)

What you're referring to, Bill, is called a "Hang". In ye old electronic
typesetting language it would be implemented with a "hang here" command
, and would be active until no longer needed, then an  would
cancel it.

I'm guessing that a hang is somewhat tricky to institute as I've only
seen them in composition "engines", as opposed to fancy typewriters like
XyWrite. And if Atex had them, then it makes sense of the references
I've seen to documents being "sent" to Atex for formatting and output.
That's generally the way you'd refer to one's interaction with a
composition engine.


-----Original Message----- From: Bill Troop

So, what you have is something like this:
MY points are:
[and then your points would indent FROM THAT PLACE, wherever it was,
without your having to specify a value, until you cancelled the IM
Something similar in Quark but I think it only works for the duration of
the paragraph.
In other words, rather than 'indent 0.5 inches' the command is 'indent
from here, no matter where here is'.