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Re: Question

> I have an 800 page manual to convert from Pagemaker for Windows to MS Word 97
> complete with text and many graphics. I have been told that there is no
> direct import capabilities, but that XYWRITE can sit between the two and
> translate the document for me.
> Any help on this please would be appreciated.
As someone who has converted large documents w/graphics to Word (because i had
to, not because i wanted to.) I don't know about how you could best use Xywrite
to aid in your conversion. Others here i'm sure know more about this.

What i did find out, in my conversion, that the least painful, was to convert
your Pagemaker document, w/graphics to RTF. The RTF import into Word is actually pretty good. (It
ought to be they write and change the standard enough.)

Your graphics and text (depending on the amount of layout and the extent of
the layout) should come over pretty well.

However, and this is a big however, you should ask yourself this, do you really want an 800+ page
document WITH graphics in Word? If you do this conversion you will see, especially if you do
continued editing, those glowing attributes of
Word that we all know and love. :)