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Re: Questi9ons of the use of U2/WWWEB material

Here are a few answers, keyed to the numbered questions:

2) The numeral 2 in a frame name is a reference to the U2 file; if it were a
U3 file, you'd need a 3 in the frame name.
3) The extra characters like "m(DK)W" were internal development tags. The
example probably meant (m)ini-menus, (D)oug (K)ramer, (W)indows version. Doug
was the head menus guy and a good man to work with. All of these tags could be
deleted with impunity; we should have done so prior to shipping, but many
bigger things fell thru the cracks....
4) I'm not sure, but I think that code in the U2 file takes up less active
memory than code in the KBD file.

Tim Baehr