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Questi9ons of the use of U2/WWWEB material

Gentlemen & Ladies:
 I have downloaded the information from WWWEB and
find it most intreguing. As previously reported I
have some fairly large XPL programs that, when
loaded to a saveget key generates an "ERROR
LOADING MACROS" error message.
 In studying the documentation received in the
ZIP package, I was led to evaluating the
distributed files *.MNU, *.DLG and *.U3. While
most of the information is relatively clear I have
a few questions. Mr. Holmgren, who was a great
help in private conversations, suggested I post
these questions so everyone can benefit. The
questions are:

1) In the XWMENU.mnu distributed with the win
package, the leading line reads ;MN1;. The book
indicates that these types of files MUST have as
the leading line a "four character label" and then
indicates, in this instance, it should be ;MN;.
Why the single digit and is the book wrong? Same
question aoout "U1", "U2" and "U3", etc?
2) In the U2 file in the index frame, what are
the GT series (none of my books show this as a
function. Also associated with each one is a Jump
to Menu command with a digit 2 in front of the
comma and label. My book indicates a label only.
What is the digit? In the U2 documentation the JM
commands also use the digit 2 (with a succeeding
period). Why and what?
3) In the distributed XWMENU file, ahead of the
frame start sequences (e.g. {{L,MBEDIT}}) is a
sequence (I would guess it belongs to the previous
frame which is, in most instances, a comment
frame. The sequrence is "m(DK)W" What is it?
4) In your U2 documentation, under the heading
"keyboard-file usage" your example uses a Jump to
a menu frame, which I think I've found as a 5 type
frame in the U2 file. Scanning the code for that
frame indicates that it does something with a list
of arguments (between "CO's"). Since I have a
program under a name (MAKE_WKS.PGM) in a
directory, what is the advantage to merging it
into the U2 file with a leading frame and, in the
KBD file jumping to that frame vs. just, in the
KBD file issuing the "R,U,N, ,[file name with
commas}" which I have done and appears to work?
Again, what advantage accures in using the "U2"
5) The same question about the option to extend
the menu bar with a pull-down menu that issues the
RUN command vs. jumping to a frame.
Thank you
Dick Giering