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Re: printer code

1. In SETTINGS.DFL, you are right that there is a default
setting, OS, for one-sided vs. two-sided printing. There is
none--at least in mine--for normal vs. reverse printing. I will
leave a ready-made answer to the gurus, but you ought to be able
to find in your printer manual the PCL or other code for reverse
printing and then put it in the appropriate PRN file as the
Customization Guide stipulates.

2. I tend to like quick and sloppy solutions even if they do not
cover every imaginable exigency. The ctrl-p key in the keyboard
file reads by default
but you could just change it to
and that would take care of it for onscreen files. I haven't
tested this solution, so if it doesn't work you might want to try
the old-fashioned

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