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Re: printer code


I followed Tim Baehr's advice to add ≪sv1827,/RV≫;*; to my
startup.int, and it works perfectly. (If anyone else wants to do this,
the arrows are the guillemets created by ctrl+< and ctrl+>, and RV has
to be in caps.)

Nathan Sivin wrote:

> 2. I tend to like quick and sloppy solutions

Me too.

> The ctrl-p key in the keyboard file reads by default
> 25=XH,JM,(,P,r,i,n,t,) but you could just change it to
> 25=BX,(,p,r,n,/,r,v,) and that would take care of it for onscreen
> files. I haven't tested this solution, so if it doesn't work you might
> want to try the old-fashioned 25=BC,p,r,n,/,r,v,XC

Tim pointed out that changing the ctrl+P on the keyboard file could
totally bypass the print dialog box, which I don't want to do, so I
haven't bothered testing it out either.

Many thanks for your help

Judith Davidsen