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lstsrv & the clueless

"By the way, I use netscape 2.0b but I don't know how to join the
xywrite list. Can you tell me? Thanks." --Michael Manove
 BU Economics

"Daniel Say: The XyWrite list has nothing to do with WWW, so
NetScape is unnecessary. Just send a message to
LSTSRV@xxxxxxxx containing nothing but the line
subscribe xywrite." --Nathan Sivin

Nathan: The person who needs help is Michael Manove. Michael, who posted
"Win95 draft font" on 14 Nov 1995, is typical of nonsubscribers
sent here without a clue by TTG voicemail. These folks are
unaware the Welcome doc even exists--let alone the info in
it--and of course can't read responses to their msgs posted to
the list. As things stand now, they apparently receive no help
unless Daniel Say takes the initiative to compare msgs from
unfamiliar addresses with "who xywrite," send replies and xylist
info to posters, and forward their responses to the list.

Daniel obviously was thoughtful and generous enough with his time
to do this after Michael posted. It was not the first time.
Unless Daniel *wants* this administrative duty (Daniel?), if nobody else does, can't
LSTSRV@xxxxxxxx be programmed to compare the addresses
of persons posting to the xylist with the subscriber list and, if
no match is found, return a Welcome document?  --A

========================== annie fisher  nyc