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Re: Various virtual machines compared

>Did you mean for that to read "Virtual PC 2007 with DOS additions
_or_ VPC 2004" ? I can't quite envision a situation where one
would stack two versions of VPC together at the same time.


As DOS additions are not available for Virtual PC 2007, you have to use a copy of the VPC 2004 DOS
additions. You can download a version of DOS additions that can be installed from the DOS prompt
from my site (the MS supplied version does not work this way, needs a newer operating system, which
very curious!):

N.B. Do not use the Virtual PC 2007 "Install DOS additions" from the Action menu. It won't work! Virtual PC 2007 is not supposed to use DOS additions, but they work and Microsoft's Ben Armstrong, Hyper-V Program Manager encourages this in his blog. (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/virtual_pc_guy/)

Or, as I mentioned earlier, you could try a fully functional virtual setup as follows:

First install VirtualPC 2007 (check that the version matches your host operating system!) and try
one of the ready-to-run virtual machines available (with and without Win 3.11) at:
http://www.ohmancorp.com/RefWin-VirtualPC.asp (if you own the licenses!)
These JayRO machines have DOS additions (from VPC 2004) installed, so you can try information
sharing with the host system just by choosing "Settings, Shared Folders" from the Virtual
PC Console.

Put the vmc and vhd files in your Virtual PC "My Virtual Machines" folder, start Virtual
PC, choose "New.." and "Add an existing virtual machine". Doubleclick to run the
virtual machine, you should get to the DOS prompt. If you have a WIN311.ISO file, drop it onto the
CD icon, run Windows setup from the CD drive. Of course Virtual PC crunches installation CDs or even
floppy disks if you a machine that can use them. But ISO files make installations a snap. Highly

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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