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Re: VAriables on the command line.

Reply to note from Fred Weiner  Thu, 31 Jan 2013
19:52:29 -0700


> 20=BX,t,y,f,/,n,v,COCO,d,:,/,'v,a,$,f,i,',.,p,s,Q2
> results in the file creation d:/'va$fi'.ps.

What you're trying to do goes beyond the keyboard file's native
capabilities. (Also, your TYF command syntax is off; one too many
commas, and an errant forward slash. And it would fail, in any case,
if the filename already had an extension: when you tack on ".ps"
you'll get error 585 -- "Too many letters in file name").

It can be done, of course -- with a little help from XPL and U2's
frames PrsKbdArg and XMACRO (a/k/a XM). The following should do what
you want:


(To decode the above, read my post of a few minutes ago entitled
"Encode/Decode (Important!)".

Let me know how it works.

Carl Distefano