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Re: VAriables on the command line.

Thanks Carl, thanks Harry. Math/logic minds leave me in awe.

On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 11:33 PM, Carl Distefano mailto:cld@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger mailto:hb@xxxxxxxx Sat, 02 Feb
2013 00:32:33 -0500

> By the way, I think I posted here the amazing fact that you can
> use a variable in , if you precede it by another @.
> Thus:

Ah, so! Meaning that if S/G 01="red.white.blue" and S/G 02=3, then
returns "blue", as shown here (DeFine and XYRUN it):

~~~~>~ ~>~

Which is nifty indeed! Nice find, Harry!

By the way, you can use my frame VA@ (or VN@) to do "column,row"
array parsing with either hard or variable x,y values. Both examples
below pluck out word 3 in row 2 ("mind"). In the first example, the
values 2 and 3 are hard-coded; in the second, they're in S/G 02 and
03, respectively. Note that the framename is flexible in that it
will accept CrLf as the separator; no can do with native VA@.
(Decode the examples to visualize the columnar array.)

',*',_hard-coded_column,row'^~ '^ago,never,mind,how,long'^precisely,having,little,or,no'^mone

',*',_variable_column,row'^~ ago,never,mind,how,long'^precisely,having,little,or,no'^money,

Carl Distefano