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VAriable $WI in XyWin

Perhaps Tim Baehr or others can shed light on how the Window
Information status variable (VA$WI) is supposed to operate in
XyWin. This is the variable that returns the dimensions of the
current text window, in the form left,top,right,bottom. To see
your current values, execute VA/NV $WI with the cursor in text
(not on the command line). In theory, if you save the current
window number (VA$WN) and VA$WI to a save/get, you should be able
to resize the window, then restore the original dimensions with a
WINDOW command in the form BX (window n,l,t,r,b), where the
parameters are supplied by the save/get.

In XyWin, however, this often doesn't work. In particular, where
the text window is "maximized" (func MWrm), the second value of
VA$WI is recorded as 3276 and where the text window is made "full screen" (func
MWwf), the second value of VA$WI is 5459; but these values -- and
the correct window size -- are not restored by the corresponding
WINDOW command. Moreover, these high values seem out of place in the usual
VA$WI scheme of left,top,right,bottom. They don't seem to
correspond to any actual window dimension, do they? What does a
"top" dimension of 3276 mean? To complicate matters further, the
3276 and 5459 values are not set *consistently* by MWrm and MWwf;
sometimes you get "normal" values, which *can* be reset via the
WINDOW command.

What's going on here? Are the 3276 and 5459 values assigned
arbitrarily, simply to denote windows sized by funcs MWrm and
MWwf? Or do they have specific meanings?

A couple of related questions: I understand that VA$WI1 returns the
1st comma-delimited value of VA$WI, VA$WI2 the second value, etc.
 But what is VA$WI0, as used in XWDLG.DLG, frame
{{5,SaveResume}}? It appears to return all 4 values, same as
VA$WI. And why the /NV switch in the WINDOW command in frame

Carl Distefano