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RE: Important [was Re: Big files]

But BigBF jumped memory usage, per taskman, to 80 MB. And I quit
when I saw timeout had 90-some seconds remaining.
BigBF didn't do that. When you did BigBF, you should have seen an
initial prompt, "Waiting for last chunk...", before the timeout
countdown. BigBF just sits there and waits until the last chunk is
created. For, say, a 50 MB file, chunking finishes in a second or two.
For a huge file like the Britannica, it can take a while longer. It's
a one-time process. BigBF and other navigation commands are quite fast
once the file is fully chunked.
But I don't see how chunking could take up 80 MB of memory. In
taskman, you should be looking at the process called AI3.EXE while the
file is loading; not vDosPlus.exe, a separate process. AI3.EXE is the
BigED chunker and it never uses more than about 10 MB on my system.
Once chunking is done, the process closes and that's that. The only
other BigED operation that consumes Windows memory (temporarily) is
So it's not BigED, it's vDosPlus, and I don't understand how vDosPlus
can be using 70 or 80 MB of memory just to sit there. I don't think
I've ever seen vDosPlus use more than about 20 MB of memory. (I'm
writing on my 32-bit work machine with 4 GB of memory, and vDosPlus is
using 17 MB of memory at the moment.) So I can't help but come back to
the idea that there is something flukey about your whole setup, Harry.