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Re: ASCII numbers in brackets

Ah, code pages. Thanks Carl.
I see that in my SETTINGS.DFL file I have the notation "LA sets the code page, Robert Holmgren says use 850"
But I neglected to note why he said that. Can you recall any reason to
avoid 437?
Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Sun, 20 Dec 2009
15:09:32 -0500

> Is there a way not to see [nnn] before a high-order character?

This is a quirk of Code Page 850. The fix is to switch to CP437. You can
do this either globally, by setting the value of DF LA to 437 in
SETTINGS.DFL, or locally (in the current document only), by embedding
 at the top of the file -- command LA 437 -- and then
SAving and re-CAlling the file. The change will affect how certain high-
order characters print, so if you need those characters, remember to
revert to CP850 before printing.

Carl Distefano

Harry Binswanger