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Re: ASCII numbers in brackets

Harry Binswanger wrote:
Ah, code pages. Thanks Carl.
I see that in my SETTINGS.DFL file I have the notation "LA sets the code page, Robert Holmgren says use 850"
But I neglected to note why he said that. Can you recall any reason to
avoid 437?
It has a smaller character set than 850 (fewer accented chars, so if you drop into French or German or Italian or Polish at the drop of a hat, you need 850--and probably the whole megillah of ANSIFIED Xy) and is more nearly compatible with the Windows char set (which is itself a hodgepodge, falling short of the _true_ international standard). This has been discussed ad nauseam on the list; I don't have time to track the refs down right now, but perhaps in two weeks.

Patricia M. Godfrey