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Re: XYW under 32-bit Windows

I doubt such porting is ever going to happen, alas. At this point,
just about everyone in the software-creating world KNOWS what a
word processor should look like: it has to have menus, tool bars
with commands in some standard order, lots of icons, some predefined
keyboard sequences, mouse support, etc. If you want to create a
word processor on your own and fiddle with the low-level guts in
some unusual way when you're implementing it, fine, but it has to
look like MS Word and act like MS Word, or it isn't worth doing.

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Subject: Re: XYW under 32-bit Windows
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Thanks for making the xywrite diversity case. I multi boot via dos 6.2
directly to xywrite or windows or linux where word perfect is the gui
word processor. be great to port xywrite to linux and bid farewell to

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