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No... don't type ate1 to solve the problem.
That'll instruct the Hayes-compatible modem to echo *its* characters to
your screen, and you'll certainly get responses from any instructions
you send the modem that way, but it won't have any effect on the
turnaround of characters between your two software packages.

You can set your software up, since you know how it works, so your end
will be ok. You'd have to set up half duplex at your end, so your
software would send out the characters you type through the modem port
AND ship these same characters to your local console screen. You can
solve the problem of no lf's after cr's by telling your software to
interpret each cr as a cr/lf sequence. That'll at least solve your end
of the problem, but the other guy is still going to be typing blind
unless he figures out a way to do the same thing. OR...

If both packages support a "chat" mode, they should take care of these
things automatically. Most such modes anticipate the live
console-to-console communications and interpret the setup to take care
of the right settings for you. That'd be the easiest solution. But
I'll still look around to see if there's a bitcom manual around the
office. Maybe it'll be in a desk drawer with some old, tube-type
amplifier brochures.