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On Fri, 3 Nov 2000 jr_fox@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> I have an old laser printer on LPT1 and a much newer inkjet on LPT2.
> Since there doesn't seem to be any settable XY default for printing to
> a printer that's on the 2nd. Parallel port, I use TYPEF ,LPT2
> whenever Xy is making use of that printer.
> Jordan

Pp. 50-51 in the Xy4 Customization Guide describes how to modify the PP:
setting in SETTINGS.DFL so that available printers and their
corresponding ports will be displayed and selectable by issuing the SETP

NB4.x has menu selections for printer selection and modification of
settings, but apparently Xy4 uses the SETP command and settings in the
SETTINGS.DFL file. None of these involve Windows printer settings, which
would intervene in both XyWin and NBWin (and solve the USB port usage


Dorothy Day

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