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"Russ W. Urquhart" wrote:

> You were saying that your USB connected LPT port is USBLPT:, or something
> like that. This is a newbie thought/idea, but would entering
> printf ,LPTUSB:
> work? (I don't know if printf queries DOS/Windows to know if the port name
> is valid or not.) I always used the printf command due to being on networks
> at work, and it was just easier.

If that turns out to work for Alan, it would certainly be easier. I have an old
laser printer on LPT1 and a much newer inkjet on LPT2. Since there doesn't seem
to be any settable XY default for printing to a printer that's on the 2nd.
Parallel port, I use TYPEF ,LPT2 whenever Xy is making use of that printer.