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Re: QuattroPro

I use QPro 5 for DOS (and partially XyWrite 4 for that matter) because I dislike peering at a glaring white screen with scrawny black letters & numbers on it.

My university-issue QProWin 8 has a "QP/DOS" under its SAVE AS option which produces a WQ1
which is acceptable to QPro 5. However, I am not too sure how many enhanced features get pruned in
the process. I fortunately don't have very complicated spreadsheets.

Jon Inggs

From: 	"xykz" 
Date: 	2002/02/05 06:08:37
Subject: 	Re: QuattroPro

There are many programs that can READ .WQ2 files,
but no one can SAVE this format.
I ' ve tryed Quattro Win 6 and 7.
The problem is that if I use a WIN program, than
I can't READ the file with Quattro PRO dos....