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Re: QuattroPro

There are many programs that can READ .WQ2 files,
but no one can SAVE this format.
I ' ve tryed Quattro Win 6 and 7.
The problem is that if I use a WIN program, than
I can't READ the file with Quattro PRO dos....

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Date sent:   	Fri, 1 Feb 2002 17:03:56 -0500
Subject:    	Re: QuattroPro
From:      	Patricia M Godfrey 
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> WordPerfect Office includes the present incarnation of QP, so I'm pretty
> sure it can READ the old files; writing I'm not so sure of, and haven't
> got WP reinstalled yet.
> 	Though Access is a database and QP a spreadsheet, most spreadsheets can
> import database files. I hate to say it, but Microsoft's Excel (about the
> only decent product Gates & Co. makes) might well be able to import them
> too. Furthermore, if the version of QP you're using can read dBase .dbf
> files, you could export from Access, Excell, or the current QP in that
> format. Or, of course, as comma- or tab-delimited ASCII files, but if
> there are any blank columns, things can get skewed when doing that kind
> of an import-export.
> 	I got XYWin going. I took all the recent configuration files of the
> setup that worked and the one that didn't and did a CTRL +, CNTRL -
> comparison in XyDos on them, and found that one had a reference to a fax
> printer driver that hasn't been reinstalled yet, so of course the
> application choked on it. That file-comparison routine is one of
> the--many--GREAT things about Xy.
> 	Leslie, thanks for the suggestion, but 1) I cannot afford NB right now,
> and 2) the ASCII-ANSI mess would infuriate me as much as it does (I
> think?) Rene.
> Patricia