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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly--methodology

Harry Binswanger wrote:
Sorry to be so long in responding: for some reason, your post only showed up when I resorted Eudora's table of contents for the Xy mailbox.
At any rate, one of us doesn't understand the other.
Well, we still don't. But don't apologize: I've been, and will be
for the next few weeks, as busy as the one-armed paperhanger of
which should put out: 5.3.7
First of all, that's still counters. We're trying to convert them
to real, ASCI numbers (because other programs, like WP, when they
see an autocounter, want to format the whole paragraph the way
THEY think it should be formatted).
Second, if you did your DC command correctly, and you're using
decimal style counters, that's what you have already. And by the
by, I was wrong about having to reset counters after a C0
(chapter) counter; you can incorporate, e.g., DC 0=I.1.
Let me redefine the counters for the sample file I was using and
try your routine again. But I think it may have gotten trashed in
transmission (that "unknown command" error message). Could you
please send it again, off-list, as an attachment.
Patricia M. Godfrey