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Harry Binswanger wrote:
If I recall correctly, some people had this installation issue: a
conflict when CD drive was attached to the system. If necessary, disable
it in BIOS setup for the installation.
That was people who were trying to "install" Xy4 from the
original floppies, which is difficult and unnecessary. But
shouldn't he get the files from Bry's site? Vetusware has a whole
lot of extraneous add-ins that aren't needed.
5-? Is there an difference between running on a 32-bit-vista or an 64-bit-vista?
I doubt it, because on XP and Vista, Xy is running in a DOS-emulator
(NTVDM) that comes with the OS.
IN theory, sure. But with M$ I wouldn't be certain. Has anyone
done it?

Harry Binswanger

Patricia M. Godfrey