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Guest Additions!

Finally got around to reading a bit of the user documentation for
VirtualBox. When I got to the section on Guest Additions, I realized
that although I thought Guest Additions were installed, in fact they
weren't. (It really does help to RTFM.)

Now I understand why Kari is always urging people to install Guest
Additions. The mouse works seamlessly across the VM and the host.
It's no longer necessary to hit Host-C to release the mouse pointer
from the virtual machine. I have a working bidirectional clipboard,
and can cut and paste between XyWrite and programs running in 64-bit
Windows. I have shared folders, so I can access my Dropbox folder on
the host machine. Dropbox on the host is mapped to drive E: on the
VM. Although I can run XyWrite from the host Dropbox, I cannot get a
DIRectory of E: within XyWrite. *Now* I finally understand (duh)
what Bill is talking about when he says the DIR command doesn't
work! However, the U2 workaround
 P1 DIR [filespec]
does import dir listings into Xy instantaneously -- although, of
course, there's no point-and-shoot functionality.

Carl Distefano