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Re: the welcome message

" The Majordomo list server here is about as sophisticated as PC's were
" in 1984. I don't know of anything it can compare. I think you will
" find the welcome document for the XYWrite list comprehensive, but I
" welcome suggestions for improvement.
" -- " Nathan Sivin
" (nsivin@xxxxxxxx)
" ------------
   How is the welcome message initiated?
   Do you, Nathan Sivin, see a new member subscribing and send
   the message? Or do you also note those who post,but aren't
   yet members and send them the welcome message too?

  Did you send the welcome to any of these recent subscribers?
.... aadler@xxxxxxxx jimfranklin@xxxxxxxx hb@xxxxxxxx
alanr@xxxxxxxx blamb@xxxxxxxx
lsioles@xxxxxxxx prf@xxxxxxxx andy@xxxxxxxx
manove@xxxxxxxx jbesser@xxxxxxxx

   or to : h-g_whitney@xxxxxxxx
   who posted from Papua New Guinea but was not a member and thus
   could not read the answers. Noticing that he was not a subscriber,
   so couldn't read responses to his message, posted to the list,
   I forwarded responses to him. He emailed a reply saying he
   found out about the list but couldn't figure out then how to


               Daniel Say