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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly--third try

Thanks, Carl. What it has to do with hardcode.pgm is that a) it uses VA ao,
and b) it doesn't run on my Xy4. But forget it. I was just musing--I never
use the XyQuest's hardcode.pgm.
Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  (by way of
Harry Binswanger ) Thu, 21 Aug 2008 23:19:21 -0400

>It's the VAao (note the lower case) that I don't see in Xy4.

VA AO (upper or lower case) returns Autosave time values in Xy3.
Replaced by VA AOT in Xy4. (VA AOP returns the Autosave Path in

Not sure what this has to do with HARDCODE.PGM. (That "fix" business
in HARDCODE.PGM is the pits, BTW. Remember the old Dan Aykroyd skit
on SNL? "Welcome to 'Bad Programming'"! Very bad, indeed.)

Carl Distefano

Harry Binswanger