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xy and norton utilities


I sincerely hope this list becomes a valuable resource for xywrite users. But
for starters, perhaps early members might help me track down a problem that has
developed with the latest version of Norton Utilities (i.e., NU ver 8.0).

Does anyone out there meet the following criteria: (or can you arrange to for a

1. Use a dos version of xywrite (xy3.n, xy 3+, xy4.n)

2. Run it as a dos application under MSWindows 3.1 (386 enhanced mode)

3. Have installed NU 8.0.

If so, have you experienced system crashes new since you installed NU 8?

I have been in touch with SYMANTEC tech support to try and determine the nature
of an apparent incompatibility with a windows driver common to NU 8 and
Norton AntiVirus for Windows with Nota Bene 4.1. I'd like to know if the
incompatibility is with the xywrite engine or something added/changed in NB.

Thanks, and thanks especially to Nathan Sivin for establishing this discussion

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