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Re: The Face of the Future (SmartWords)

Obviously, the page is under construction. Why in the world do people
put up sites and pages that aren't ready? Don't they know that web
crawlers will find them immediately? We live in the Age of

Take a look at:


Lots and lots and lots of buttons. Me oh my. The good part, though, is
that if I'm writing, say, about the transition from the Late Chou through
the Warring States period into the Han, SmartWords will automatically
change all the data for me! That's right: names and locations of
Emperors, capitals, armies, artists, "explanations of
implications", everything! just like Civilization II -- SmartWords takes
care of it all, automatically, custom, and complete -- while, in the
background, it establishes yet another charitable trust to reduce estate
taxes for my heirs. All this, at one low, low price.

Robert Holmgren