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xy xpl programs


Many thanks for making your set of xpl programs available by ftp. I've
downloaded them without difficulty and run a few (hardly exhaustive) tests.

Most important (for anyone wondering) there appears to be no difference in
performance between these programs in xy4(dos) and xy4.11(win). I experimented
most heavily with the trans.pgm to convert notabene files to xy4 files.

The only difficulty in xywin is that when you open a notabene files that has
(xy)illegal formatting codes in graphic mode, the program pings at you. If you
change to expanded mode this stops (or you can just ignore and run the
conversion program). I found it necessary to make a few modifications. The
program as it stands converts rp deltas to ". " only when they occur at the
beginning of footnotes. If you have numbered headings and there are RP deltas
governing punctuation following the counters, these remain and upset xywrite.
Its easy to add another ci string to take care of these, however.

I also added a conversion of FF52 to nlq-10cpi, to meet my requirements. Other
than that, all works very well.

Again, my thanks.

ps. oh yes. The problem of xy pinging due to illegal format deltas occurs when
you try to edit a program file using xywin. Again, just switch to expanded

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