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Running a BBS

Thanks for the reply. If you decide to follow through with your BBS, I
might note that confidentiality wouldn't be an issue. A given subboard
can require specific sysop (or assistant sysop, who could be a member
of your group) approval before a new caller is granted access. And the
signed contract you mentioned can be kept entirely off-line. Indeed, a
member of your group could be the recipient of all contracts,
authorizing the sysop to grant access privileges to an individual only
after such contract is in hand. Personally, I keep all data which
aren't critical for actually accessing my current system either
entirely as hard copy or, in certain cases, as a private data base on a
different computer for mailing-list purposes. If the anticipated
expansion occurs, the procedures for a given subboard would be governed
by an agreement with those for whom that subboard would be established.