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International Shareware Sources THREAD : NO

I'm unclear what kind of info you might want to offer. As you probably
can imagine, this type of article will involve extensive phonecalls and
a hefty phone bill, so I'm trying to be economical on the types of
calls I'll be making.
   Are you saying you have contact info for shareware interviewees in
other countries? If so and if the number of sources is small, a private
msg with names and phone numbers (ideally, FAX or modem as well as
voice though this isn't absolutely essential) would be the ideal
approach. If you have an extensive list of such sources, would you
summarize the countries involved for now? If that list fills some
cracks in my own, current list, I'd then be glad to follow up with a
voice call, or to suggest a private msg with names/numbers for the
countries not yet on my list.
   On the other hand, if your intention was to offer your own views
on shareware, I'll take a pass this time, with thanks for the offer.
This article is strictly limited to interviews with sources outside the