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One way of solving Ted Stannard's file transfer problem is simply connecting together the serial
ports of the Kaypro and the PC (using a serial cable) then using communications programs on each
computer to transfer the files. Hyperterm is standard in Windows but the Kaypro will have something
else - Qmodem or some other museum piece.

That said, if one hasn't done it before, there are all sorts of traps. And it's all manual, you
almost certainly have to type in file names each side. You have to get the ports right, plus match
speeds, number of bits, parity ..

The "null modem" mentioned is simply a serial cable with 2 of its wires reversed - to
point each send line to each receive line. That is vital.

The speed shouldn't be overly limited - probably 19200 kbps is possible - 1900 characters per

If you can find someone who's done it before, that might save time and frustration. I'm ready to
offer help, but I'm thousands of miles away and my memory is not what it was.

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