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Back in the old days (1988?) my office used a DOS program called "Read CP/M" to copy Kaypro II CP/M disks to DOS. As I recall, the program was loaded into memory on the DOS machine and allowed you to do a straight copy at the DOS level from drive A to drive B (or C, of course).
I haven't seen this program for a decade and can't raise it on Google. But maybe my anecdote will refresh somebody's memory and they'll be able to pull it out of their closet.
> Need some advice aimed at the semicyberliterate:
> My late father left his memoirs on 5.5-inch floppies written in wordstar
> on KYPRO II in the days of CPM.
> I work in XYWin on a Win98 desktop or on a Win95 Canon Notejet
> laptop/printer.
> Having those old disks converted is likly costly at best.
> I have a chance to buy for next to nothing an old Kaypro II and a
> companion Kaypro 10 and gobs of software and manuals. Both machines boot,
> the seller tells me. I would be buying ONLY for this purpose. And a minor
> fringe benefit of being able to read some of my own leftover disks done on
> a Kaypro II back in the mid-80s.