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XY-> In re Quark Style Sheets substitutions:

XY-> I would avoid the wildcard search and replace option because conceivably
 -> there could be strings with more than 80 characters, especially in, say, an
 -> italicized intro to a long piece.

One could say that after all the boldface are replaced, it would
almost be safe to replace each remaining MDNM with ; however,
if we do go into the actual programming, it's possible to be more

XY-> I would prefer to do this with 2 labels

XY-> ≪LB1≫ BC se /≪MDBO≫/XC ≪IF≪ER≫≪GL2≫≪EI≫GT BD [(6X)]  BC se
 -> /≪MDNM≫/XC {same} ≪GL1≫ ≪LB2> same with ≪MDUL≫ instead.

One of the problems with the above is that (for Xyw 3+ anyway)
one can go direct from MDBO to MDUL to MDNM, not to mention
various other MDs that can interrupt. Anyway, going from MDBO to
MDNM can cut out an intervening mode. An alternative program
would be as follows:

The search (after expanding the display) would be for "≪MD" and
one would then attach the following two characters to a saveget.

The main loop falls into two parts: odd and even (odd = the first
code; even the second).

Do a string comparison to determine what you have.

If odd and it's an MDNM, either delete it as an unnecessary code
or stop the program with an appropriate message. If not MDNM,
replace with appropriate code. Update the counter to "even."

Go to search loop.

If even and MDNM, replace with the matching code for "odd." If it
isn't MDNM, either stop the program or insert the appropriate
matching code from "odd" to its left and treat the present code
as a new " odd" and continue the search for "even."

The ER on the search for "odd" exits the program with a pleasant
message. One could have any number of additional exits for the
various "odd" problems.


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