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To do QXP XTags conversion, using a coordinated keyboard and
printer driver and TYFing (as Dan Kanagy suggested too) is more
efficient than macros. For the driver, start with fb<
and list your XTags styles there. In the attributes section:


ET ; [etc] Problems like ambiguous quotes are solved by using a consistent character in text and replacing it in the driver's substitution table. In text, for an open quote I use ascii 200 (IBM extended char set double box border lower left corner), for a close quote ascii 188 (right corner); both are assigned to keys in my xyw2qxp.kbd. Since they can't be represented here, I'll use bracketed numbers. In the driver substitution table: `=<\#145> '=<\#146> [ascii 200]=<\#147> [ascii 188]=<\#148> Jack has my keyboard and driver files now, but since this macro question lives on, the QXP's

makes creating ... pairs unnecessary {sigh}. A macro would be a series of straightforward global replaces: BC ci {mdbo} XC BC ci {mdbr} XC BC ci {mdnm}

XC [etc] For all the 'net-bashing, AO does have its virtues (in addition to being able to attach binary files to email). Not least is a Quark Inc.-sponsored forum--answers from Quark tech support guaranteed. --annie ========================== annie fisher nyc