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Re: Technology Group Home Page

At 01:04 PM 1/8/97 EST, you wrote:
>** Reply to note from Jimmy C Diecker  Tue, 7 Jan 1997
22:37:47 -0800 (PST)
>> I seem to have copied the TG home page address wrong. I have
>> 	http://www.tgrp.com/smartwor.htm
>> I tried to go there several times today but got a "no such URL" each
>> time. I'd appreciate a correction.
Actually, I think if you are trying to get to the "screen shot" of
SmartWords, then you will have to type in the HTML file name. The "Click
Here to see a sample screen shot of SmartWords." link goes to SWSCR.htm
where as, you need to go to swscr.htm (lower case). Then you will get the
screen shot.

You can also go to the file "trust.htm" to take a look at other screen
shots. You will have to type it in, as I can't quite figure out how they
have it linked. Sometimes, I can get the link to appear on the screen and
sometimes not. I have found that adding the filename to the www site is

Hope this helps.

Carter Campbell
Calgary Alberta