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Running xywrite in Windows 95


You're right: I didn't initially understand your question about running
Xywrite in DOS mode. Sorry. By the time I realized what you were asking,
however, I figured it would be quicker to simply respond to your email now.

I don't use this mode, however, nor do I want to. To go to DOS mode requires
one to shutdown Windows 95, which defeats the whole point of having it. I
wish to be able to work in Xywrite (full screen) and be able to switch back
and forth from Windows to check my email or do web research. To have to
reboot and reconnect with my internet server each time I want to do this
makes little sense.

Interestingly enough, I have found that the pause key still works in both
DOS mode as well as in my Windows 3.11 boot (remember, my computer is set up
with a dual boot, giving me the option of running it in 3.11 or 95). I just
can't get the pause key to work when I launch Xywrite from Windows 95.

I know I could move the macro on that key to any number of different key
positions, but I really hate losing the use of a key. I assign and use macro
commands on almost every key (one of the beauties of Xywrite). To lose a key
limits my flexibility, and since the Pause key has almost NO purpose when
working in Xywrite why not reprogram it to something more functionable?

So, I ask again: is there anyone out there among the legions of Xywrite
experts who knows of this problem and its cure? And if not, is there anyone
curious enough to see if they can fix it from scratch?


Bob Zimmerman
13909 Briarwood Drive, #323
Laurel, Maryland 20708