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Sticking shift keys (ctrl, alt and/or shift) usually can be traced back to a
problem in the keyboard file, or a non-standard keyboard. First, try this test
at the DOS level: hold down the ALT key and tap the 8 on the numeric pad twice.
You get an "X". Now do the same thing with ALT and the up arrow on the extended
keypad. You get either another "X" or nothing. If you get another "X", we know
that your keyboard considers the extended keys to be the same as the numeric
keys. This tells us how to proceed in a XyWrite keyboard file.

Now, in XyWrite, examine your keyboard file for places where you have NIs. If
you got nothing for the second ALT-8,8 test, you should NOT have NIs on any of
the extended keys. If you got a second 8, you SHOULD have NIs on them, on any
table involving the ALT key. In either case, you should have NIs on the numeric
keys on any table involving the ALT key.

If you have renamed ALT or CTRL or SHIFT, you can also confuse some nonstandard
keyboards. If you have made the left ALT work differently frpm the right ALT,
you can gum things up too (same for CTRL or SHIFT). This is keyboard-dependent.
It might work on some keyboards but not on others.