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Re: Contest winners

I sent off the message below a couple of days ago, but I haven't
seen it on the list. It's not terribly important, but I'll take a
second shot anyway. Apologies if it appears twice.

******************** REPOSTED MESSAGE

Well, I'm very surprised and honored to be included in the roll
of winners, among such illustrious company (although I can't help
this nagging feeling that *everyone* who 'submitted' an entry
won...). Anyhow, thanks to Tim for getting this show on the road.
I am looking forward to downloading the prize.

Just for the record, my quit/restart program originally was
written for XyWrite 3+ but I am using it now with XyWrite 4 for
DOS. I think it should be usable in either version. With the
caveat that it does very little error checking and may require
adjustment for individual user settings, I am willing to upload
it to the repository of files on this list. Nathan, could you
please remind me where I should FTP the file to?  [Later: After
I wrote this, I saw your message to Harry
Binswanger on the subject. I'll probably mail you a floppy.]

And while I'm up here on the podium, let me say thanks to Nathan,
too, for running this useful list.

******************** END OF REPOSTED MESSAGE

Wolfgang Bechstein

Technical translator            Japanese / English /
Sakura, Japan          Tel 81-43-461-5911 Fax