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Color scheme

I like to maximize the number of lines of text available in
XY4DOS, so I run my basic screen in "no ruler" view. It helps
me, however, to have a divider between the comand line and the
text. So I've changed my color scheme so that the prompt line
has a gray background. You can do this if you set the L2
default as follows:
You can do this from the command line, by changing the L2 line in
SETTINGS.DFL, or by changing your *.DSP file, if you load one.

If you run the menu/dialogs, you can change settings by choosing
Advanced, Preferences, Defaults, Screen - Colors.

The first two numbers are the normal text for field labels and
prompt messages. The third number is for the page/line number
and the filename. The fourth number is for messages that ask
for input, and the last number is for dire warnings. The colors
are as follows:
113 - blue on gray background
121 - bright blue on gray background (if it looks too garish on
your monitor, try 120, a soft gray)
116 - red on gray background
78 - yellow on red background (you can make it flash with 206)

The settings for L1 thru L4 are fun to play with.

Tim Baehr