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Re: Puzzling lack of F8

** Reply to message from Harry Binswanger  on Sat, 18 Jun 2005
16:36:51 -0400

F-keys are where, left or top or both?

F8 used to work, and now it doesn't -- right? If it's an F-keys on the left
keyboard, does the alternate [S]F8 key work, the one located above the
!@#$%^&*() keys? Bet it does (unless you've reprogrammed it).

Hit F8 repeatedly. Does it work once in a while? If so, it's either dirty or
you may need to play with the latency of the repeat action (MODE CON
RATE/DELAY) -- the keyboard may be putting out F8 too slowly for the system.
Try moving the "Idle sensitivity" slider in Properties ==> Misc to the left,
and relaunch Xy. Try slowing the whole computer down by running 20 iterations
of Internet Explorer or some other memory hog. Try reprogramming your keyboard.

Robert Holmgren